“THE ROAR” happens the last Sunday night of every month at 6:00 PM.  This is a night of prayer and worship where we collide with heaven with spontaneous worship and new songs of the Lord.  Come expecting the unexpecting as we dive into His glory!

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  1. mac

    The day can be very difficult; family,jobs,and relationships can wear you down so how do we charge up. We charge our car by the alternator and we put the children to sleep early and feed them foods that supply the best components for thee health and growth.When I go to roar I am reconnecting and energizing my spiritual battery. I am clearing out the effects of the week and striving to become a new me in my father. Through worship I connect and I get filled with the spirit of his love and I get moved by simply praising him. Just typing this has blessed me and filled me with joy. My Gods love is everywhere and in everything. Blessed be his name.

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