Real Authentic Genuine Experience


RAGE is a youth ministry of Glory Worship Center.  Our desire is to connect youth with a Real, Authentic, Genuine, Experience with God.  God is so passionately trying to grab our attention that we can not see or hear Him because of the noise in our lives.  Our focus is bring a noise that is so loud it will drown out the noise in this world and change the way we live, see, and hear.  We understand the challenge for this generation of youth and it can be overwhelming, but our mission is so strong to make things right and change the way we think and act about God.

Core Values:  Passion – Live life with intensity

                         Intimacy – Live life pursuing God

Mission:  Aggressively pursuing the face of God and creating R.A.G.E. where ever we go!

If you are interested in joining our youth team, please see G3 connect table.